Detailing Packages in Howell, MI

Detailing Packages
Detailing Packages

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Wear and tear on your vehicle can cause the value to depreciate even faster than normal. It can also start to affect the engine and performance if it gets too bad. That’s why it’s important to give your car a good cleaning every once in a while.

Auto Jeeves can keep your car in great condition with any of our car detailing packages. We’ll clean your car inside and out so that it looks like new. Plus, we can add on engine detailing and headlight restoration services to give your car the deep clean it deserves.

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Car Cleaning Services in Howell, MI

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Not every car requires the same amount of cleaning. That’s why we offer several car detailing packages for you to choose from.

You can customize any of our packages by adding the extra services you need. Trust us with anything from your Dodge Caravan to your Aston Martin DBS.

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